Teens and Cosmetic Surgery Essay

Teens and Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Were you ever one of the few children that were constantly teased about your body-image? Were you the girl that would stuff your bra with tissues or something that made your breast were fuller? Or maybe had thoughts of having a similar body as a model you would get far in life? Many of us have experienced being teased of our bodies in some form and many teens are experiencing the similar embarrassments. Quite a few teens are able to overcome these rude remarks and continue on with a successful life. Unfortunately, for other teens it’s the other way around. Some teens are unable to ignore the remarks and began making risky decisions to change their image. Most teens believe their body should match a models body-image, and if it does then you should be accepted into the social society. Therefore, teens are having cosmetic surgery thinking their lives will change and all the risk they are taking. Cosmetic surgery isn’t the answer to fix teens self-esteem or make them popular because it will only last a short minute. In their future the surgery they had will most likely cause serious health problems.
Teens are getting hypnotized into images of celebrities and are basically told that’s the way they should appear. Watching some reality shows gives some teens the idea that they should “coke bottle shape”. For example, in the show Flavor of Love or Rock of Love these men gave most of the women nicknames basic off their body parts. Of course, the women with the perfect body would get most of their attention. Whereas, other teens may watch America’s Next Top Model get the idea that they should be thin, highly in shape, and have a perfect facial appearance. The Swan was a reality series that took unattractive women and offer them cosmetic ...

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... doesn’t change who they are or make them popular for the right reasons. There are alternative ways to improving them self-esteem other than cosmetic surgery. The types of cosmetic surgery teens are looking into come with many risks and they should be greatly informed with the facts about the operations. These teens need physical and positive support from the people around them. The parents that are volunteering pay for the cosmetic surgeries as a gift also need to do background research on what their child is interested in getting. So, before making a final decision teens should think clearly and carefully about the options. This decision should not take time to make and not be a rush. Teens also need to understand what they see on television, movies, or posters of models aren’t always real and most images are edited before every being posted for the world to see.

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