The History Of Plastic Surgery

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Teenagers take extreme measures in order to “fix” themselves (by having Plastic surgery). Plastic Surgery is a surgical process used to repair deformities and glitches in a persons body. Nowadays, teenagers tend to have plastic surgeries to improve physical characteristics they feel are flawed and/or to fit in with peers, to look similar to others. In fact, it is only the pressure that has been put upon these minors that makes them want to look flawless or perfect in order to feel comfortable in their own skin and avoid any unwanted judgments. Most teenagers are not mature enough to clearly understand the problems and consequences that are accompanied with cosmetic surgery. Therefore, cosmetic surgery should not be allowed for minors.

According to the article “ The History Of Plastic Surgery” by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery began in ancient India where it was used to heal those who suffer from facial injuries. In the 20th century plastic surgery helped soldiers from the World War I and World War II reform their faces. However, after war, most people started looking for ways to ameliorate their looks and improve their physique and their only choice was cosmetic surgery. In today’s society, a teenager tends to be exposed to a lot of peer pressure that pushes him/her to hate his/her own body and makes him/her forget the importance of natural beauty. Dr. Ned Hallowell, a child psychiatrist, clearly supports the writers thesis by saying, on ABC news, that Plastic Surgery to avoid bullying and peer pressure is a bad idea “The idea of someone getting plastic surgery to avoid bullying seems to me as crazy and worrisome as if a black person were to go to a doctor and say, 'I want to become white...

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...ters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s body image by cosmetic surgery. These articles about appearance are damaging because it leads to seriously unhealthy lifestyles that women and teenagers think they need to look beautiful. In addition to that, Teen Magazine published in 2003 an article saying that children from age 6-12 have been on a diet and are now considering plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery sends the message that the prejudices some people have about appearance are valid, which is very wrong.

In conclusion, cosmetic surgery is not a solution to peer pressure, insecurity and bullying , in contrary, it increases depression rate for most people,causes selfdestruction for most cases, and damgages ones selfesteem after idolizing celebrities who have the perfect figure.

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