Essay on Teenage Pregnancy And Childbearing Are Social Concerns

Essay on Teenage Pregnancy And Childbearing Are Social Concerns

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romantic relationship; thereby reducing loneliness (Dorsila & Shandler, 2011). Early childbearing is greatly influenced by adolescent’s perceptions or attitudes towards pregnancy (Dorlisa & Shandler, 2011).
Yearly, about 85,000 teens get pregnant and need financial support to respond to their needs (Medoff, 2010). In 2009, more than 400,000 of children from teen births were in foster care (Lieberman, 2014). Teens mother are more likely to experience financial hardship and have to struggle to provide financial support for their children (Lieberman, 2014). According to Dorlisa and Shandler (2011) “Teenage pregnancy and childbearing are social concerns because of economic and social cost” (p. 241). In United States, on average every teen mom age 17 and under costs taxpayers $4,080 yearly (Dorlisa and Shandler, 2011). Also, majority of teen mothers are under-paid; they earn $6,500 yearly making them dependent on public assistance (Dorlisa & Shandler, 2011). Pregnancy brings more financial troubles for teenagers; the cost of caring for a baby is extremely high. They are obligated to rely on their parents for financial support. Teenage pregnancy negatively impacts family and society. There is a strong correlation between teenage pregnancy and high school drop- out rates (Gyan, 2014). The relationship between education and early childbearing goes in both directions; pregnant teenagers are most likely to drop-out school, young girls who drop-out school are more prone to become pregnant (Gyan, 2013). Teenage pregnancy is a big concern for parents. Most teen mothers fail to earn a high school diploma; their educational achievement is very poor. Early parenthood is the leading cause of school drop-out (Gyan, 2014). About 34% of teen mot...

... middle of paper ... should increase funds to provide higher quality services to adolescent. Funds distribution will be used to trained clinicians in adolescent care, to bring services to youth who are disconnected from school or social supports, to provide adequate health insurance coverage to teenagers and young adults and to support educational programs for young people (Schwarz, 2010). It is imperative for teenagers to receive childbirth and parenting education; teaching about wellness tactics, accessibility of support services to continue maintaining quality mental and physical health. Research conducted by (Schwarz, 2010) revealed that there is a lack of trained providers for adolescent and young parents who experience psychological distress need health care coverage. Adequate social support will also encourage teen parents who drop-out school to re-engage with school. Also to

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