Canada 's Teenage Pregnancy Rate

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Between 1996 and 2006, Canada 's teenage pregnancy rate steadily declined by 37%. However, since 2006, Canada 's teenage pregnancy rate has been on the rise, increasing from 27.9 pregnancies per 1,000 teens, to 28.2. This is of great concern to Canada, for teenage pregnancy has many health, social, and media issues. Therefore, teenage pregnancy in Canada requires a solution, that will prevent such pregnancies, and support the teen parents To begin with, there are many common reasons why teenage pregnancy takes place. In fact, 60% of teenage mothers come from economically disadvantaged households and perform poorly in school. Alex McKay, research coordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, explains, "Young women who feel optimistic about their future tend not to get pregnant. Young women who are starting to feel discouraged about their employment are more likely to get pregnant." Moreover, 79% of teen pregnancies happen to unmarried teen couples. The male is usually older than the female in the relationship, and pressures the girl into having unprotected sex. Girls born to teenage mothers also have a 22% higher chance of becoming teen moms themselves, for they often live in a poor environment, like their mothers once did. Significantly, those affected by teenage pregnancy have many similarities. Furthermore, there are major health issues surrounding teenage pregnancy. For one, teen mothers are two to six times more likely to have low birth-weight babies, compared to mothers above twenty years of age. This is because teen mothers are often still growing themselves, and physically cannot let the baby grow and develop. Such low birth-weights lead to higher risks of new-born health problems, undevelo... ... middle of paper ... ...nline learning. With online learning, teenage mothers can study at home, while taking care of their kids - and as a self-paced program, they can be flexible in choosing their times to hand in work, without worrying about kids interfering with deadlines. As can be seen, there are many ways to improve the negative aspects of teenage pregnancy . Significantly, teenage pregnancy is a social issue that will always be present in Canada. It will always have its health concerns, social issues, and media controversies. Nevertheless, there will always be solutions, where teenagers can be cautioned, and where mothers can have second chances to get the help they need to raise their children. Indeed, teenage pregnancy is not a formula that can be solved with an answer - but it is a cracked path that can only be paved, smoothed, and made better for those that must walk upon it.
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