The Dangers Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Is teenage pregnancy in Wales a greater problem that in Texas and how effectively are both countries tackling the problem? Introduction For my investigation, I will be comparing teenage pregnancy rates in wales compared to Texas and determine which of the two has a greater problem. In addition, I will be also investigating what methods are the governments in both Wales and Texas using to tackle the problem, and are they effective? I aim to do this by researching recent methods the government have implemented to deal with the problem and looking at recent statistics to evaluate any changes they have made. Teenage pregnancy has always been a debatable issue within society as more teenagers are drinking and going out to parties without being responsible for any of their actions which can often lead to consequences, such as pregnancy. Making the decision to bring up a child is a great responsibility as it can be challenging, stressful and strenuous. Sometimes if a teenage mother finds it difficult to look after her baby, as she no job, stable income or most likely no father, then there are different kinds of welfare payments the government can offer: such as child tax, benefits, job seekers allowance etc. I have chosen Texas as my wider perspective because Texas has the second highest teenage pregnancy rate in the USA, just under Mississippi at first place. I would like to find out the reason behind Texas high teenage pregnancy rates. I will use secondary research such as websites, articles, magazines and government charts. Furthermore, I will use primary research such as a questionnaire to get different people’s views on teenage pregnancy. Aims 1. To identify and compare teenage pregnancy rates between Texas and Wales using statisti... ... middle of paper ... ...of children seeking adoption, and entering care homes Public and expert opinion on the rates of teenage pregnancy between Wales and Texas People in wales are very proud that the teenage pregnancy rates are declining. Angela jones, who is a consultant in public health at Cwm Taff University said: ‘’we are very pleased that rates of teenage pregnancy are declining, but there is still much work to be done in ensuring all young people have access to the support and information they need’’. This expert opinion suggests that we are making progress in tackling teenage pregnancy and in slowly bringing the numbers down, but more work has to be done in order to decrease the numbers to a minimal. Another expert, Professor Kevin Fenton, health and wellbeing director quoted: ‘’Todays data show us high conception rates are not inevitable, if young people receive the right support
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