Technology in the Movie Wall-E Essay

Technology in the Movie Wall-E Essay

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The movie Wall-E shows a lot of compelling technology such as automatic chairs and holograms, but did you notice the effects this technology had on humanity? When you first see the round, chubby humans in Wall-e, your first instinct was to probably laugh. Once you really think about it, though, that future might soon become ours. Even though most technology is very useful and convenient, our dependence on it can lower our ability to focus, decrease people skills, and decline physical health as depicted in Wall-E.
The Pew Research Center focuses on technology-related things and conducted a survey for 2,462 teachers. Ninety percent of those teachers believed that technology was causing their students to become more easily distracted with shorter attention spans. An article on Huffington Post mentioned a study that showed that students could not focus on their homework for more than two minutes before having to look at some kind of electronical device like their phone or television. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that about half of students from the ages of eight to eighteen do their homework while using some kind of electronical device. Technology has affected our focus so much that we can't even focus on the little things for too long. Studies have even shown that people who use the internet at work change tabs or check their email about thirty-seven times an hour! All this multitasking can cause us to become more distracted. Sometimes, we can even become distracted towards the people around us.
A study done by Stanford said that when children spend more time with their technology instead of using that time for face-to-face communication, their social skills might decrease. A professor from Stanford University, Clifford Nas...

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