Technology Impact On Education Essay

Technology’s Impact on School
Technology plays a huge role in the educational field. Considering that we are in the 21st century, technology is very important and useful to us humans. People may agree or disagree that technology has had a positive impact in the class room. Some people believe that technology is a distraction and others believe that technology is a teaching aid. This is a topic that concerns teachers, school officials, students, and parents. So is technology really helping people learn and make a positive difference in education?
Darress M.West, a VP of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution believes that technology has had very little impact on the classroom experience. He believes that technology has had an impact on communication and learning in every aspect except education. The reason that there hasn’t been an impact on education is because the education governance system protects technology from the problems that it creates for other organizations. He states that technology is very beneficial when it comes to learning. A strategy he mentions to persuade teachers to use technology is to select technologies by choosing which technologies are best for them could be very useful because they won’t have to use multiple resources.
According to Neil Kokemuller, an administrator on “Globalpost”, America’s world new site, technology has had an important impact on schools and students at all levels. Student’s attention and motivation has enhanced due to the use of technology. Students tend to keep an interest when being involved with school work on a computer. Teachers are able to make presentations and lectures much more interesting by having visual support and also having tech-centered activities that keep st...

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...ou might even get the urge to check your Facebook or browse the web. There is a whole bunch of things on the internet that could distract a person but it all depends on the student’s maturity level. If you are using your technology device in a properly manner then you won’t get distracted. If people are mature enough to stay off things that aren’t related to education then yes, they will abuse the benefits that technology can have when doing school work.
In conclusion, out of all the research I came across, more articles had reasons for why technology is beneficial rather than not beneficial. Overall I believe that if you use it in a precise manner than you won’t have to deal with the negative effects of it. It all just depends on the person and how much they care about their school work and how hard they are willing to work to achieve the best that they can do.
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