Essay on Technology And The Online Classroom

Essay on Technology And The Online Classroom

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Technology in the Online Classroom
Taking an online course is a good way of getting educated and certified on your chosen field. Though, it is still better to take your classes on regular classrooms, online classrooms do provide enough knowledge and training needed for certifications (Duffy & Bruns, 2006). Technology is important in education. It has become a major part of everyday life. Students are aware that they need to be technologically advanced in order to gain advantage in the learning process. Through the use of effective technology tools, it would be easy for any instructor to convey their classes and courses to the students.
Description of Online Psychology Course
Social Psychology is a special course that takes a deeper look at how individuals play their roles in today’s modern world. As everyone is very much aware, this is the digital era where everything can be collected and learned from the Internet and through the use of computers and handy devices like smartphones and tablets (Bernard & Abrami, 2004). Social psychology is an important course because it gives the explanation of how people interact with each other and with the society as a whole. It is the study of how an individual’s attitude, personality, behavior and motivation are influenced by the society and how these characteristics influence the society.
Two examples of technology to be used by an online instructor in this course:
To effective teach social psychology through online-based learning, it is essential to make use of technology tools that students can easily understand and utilize. For this course, social networking and blogs are two of the best technologies that can be employed. Social networking has become an e...

... middle of paper ...

...ools. Individual contents usually trigger reactions from other students. These reactions can turn into discussion and/or arguments. Whichever way the reactions go, it is guaranteed that every student will learn something from each other (Lee & McLoughlin, 2007). When there is positive and collaborative social relationships between students, it would be easy to develop effective communication between them and the instructors. This means that teaching this online course would be a smooth sailing task for me. Hopefully, the course would also be a smooth sailing journey for the students.
Thanks to the increased use of mobile devices, it is now really easier to teach online courses online. This also means that technology can be easily incorporated into the education process. By using social media and blogging, learning about human behavior is a much easier endeavor.

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