Technology And The Explosion Of Social Media Essay

Technology And The Explosion Of Social Media Essay

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With the “advancement” of technology and the explosion of social media, you would think that those who have the platform to reach millions, choose to spew hatred, violence and advocate their fellow human beings to kill everyone...of a certain color that is. However, that is exactly what Latausha Nedd
otherwise known as “Eye Empress Schment.”

37 year old, unemployed, welfarian, Tausha Nedd was recently arrested for her video “Open Season on da Crakka.” I 'm sure by now that most of you have seen the video, if not click the link and take a look for yourself. Coming across as a very angry woman, Nedd urges her fellow “niggas” to “wake up” and start killing white people, especially cops. According to her, if you 're white, you 're killing their “kind.” Throughout the 20+ hours of Nedd spewing the same sort of rhetoric – white people are to blame for all of it. There is zero personal responsibility because apparently black people don 't have choices of their own? Never mind that black men are killing black men at a higher rate than heart disease and accidents, never mind that in the past three months there have been over a dozen black children killed by black men, don 't even think to mention that black cities, led by black mayors, with black police officers have unseen homicide rates. None of that is taken into account – it 's all you white people that are to blame.

We have been getting emails since we broke the story about Nedd and her antics. Several have been from very concerned community members, family, “friends” and one of Nedd 's previous employers. One concerned citizen gives the opinion that Nedd is hateful because her “white boyfriend just dumped her for a younger white girl.” Others claim that she has been presen...

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...hers simply because of their skin color. I can only imagine her self hatred is being reflected onto the entire white population. Her actions however, prove that yes, black people can be racist!!!

I find it ironic that not only does she culture appropriate the Egyptians, she chose a pseudonym that is the polar opposite of how she has represented herself. She is a drug user, a thief, a con artist, a violent, volatile child abuser, and she deserves what she brought upon herself. If “might” is what she is, then I can see why the FYF and Black Lives Matter movement is sinking faster than a ten pound weight in water. Anyone that questions that this woman is 52 cards short of a deck, should speak to the fourteen year old Nedd beat with a computer cord.

Nedd 's next court appearance is October 15. Hopefully the judge she is in front of continues that no bond order.

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