Technology And Educational Problem Of Technology Essay

Technology And Educational Problem Of Technology Essay

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Technology and Educational Problem
Technology is one of the greatest things ever made in our society bringing us things like phones online tutors and even more. Some students tend to use technology to help them with the problems they do not really understand in the subject that they really struggle in like math or science. There is also a bad side to technology because many student use their phones more than they car about there process of learning. This can be a big problem to the students of the 21st century, because their education can be neutralized because of technology. High school students use their phones more than any other kind of person. This is a problem because high school student are the one closer to college so they wont be able to achieve to go to college if they keep on using there electronic devices. So is technology really one of the greatest things ever created or is it just a distraction to the students of the 21st century.
Technology has really gotten so advanced that people care more about there social life than there real life. They use there phones in class more than they learn the lesson that there teacher is explaining which can lead to a student that will not make it to the dream college that he or she wants to go to. So as many people say the students of the 21st are the most likely ones to go nowhere due to all the technology’ that are so distracting. Due to this whole issue the students cannot be as advanced as the students were before technology was invented. If we act on this issue now we wont have to worry about having our kids go through the distraction of technology. As much as tech is it can also help us with some things that we have trouble in so it can be used for a...

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...chnology can just be so distracting because of all the games and online websites created for people to mention themselves to everything they want to. It also tells us how life would be like without technology, and in my opinion I don’t see technology as a huge threat to this society its more like something that we need to improve our skills to everything we must take on in life especially the jobs that pass their way. Technology is a distraction to the students in class and we do need to take control of this issue, but it is not something huge. Technology is not bad it just gets very addicting when used too much and is almost impossible to get off of. In conclusion our students of the 21st century are not all going to be failures in life if you just see how their own skills can go with their education. No one is a failure because there is no such thing as a failure.

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