Technological Distractions Impact Academic Learning And Outcome Negatively

Technological Distractions Impact Academic Learning And Outcome Negatively

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Technology has grown drastically in the education sector over the last several years. Many college students use technology to further their learning process. Although technology presents many educational opportunities, it also interferes with students’ academic outcome. Several things are believed to be linked with the learning behaviours and technology. Some examples include, lack of attention, unable to multitask and consistent distraction. (Jacobsen, W. C., & Forste, R. 2011; Junco R., 2012; Lepp,, Barkley & Karpinski, 2014; Rosen, Mark & Cheever,2013; Weston & Cepeda, 2013). The aim of this paper is to discuss, do such technological distractions impact academic learning and outcome negatively? It is hypothesized that technology use in college classrooms does affect a student’s academic outcome and learning patterns negatively than those who do not use technology in a classroom environment. The following five literature reviews attempt to display and support the hypothesis.

In the study done by Rosen, Carrier & Cheever (2013) observed 263 middle school, high school and university students in their ordinary study environment, rather than a regular classroom. The goal was to determine how often students switch from studying to another task, why they switch and how this impact their ability to lean. Rosen et al (2013) “On average 65% of the time participants were working on their studying, this suggest that during the 15 minutes of observation participants were on task for approximately 10 minutes”. Rosen et al (2013). Similarly in the Junco (2012) study it examines which students multitask during class and the relationship between multitasking and academic performance. It was reported that participants frequently texted du...

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...rly teens should be done do to the fact that most technological distraction start at that age. Secondly there was no research done on why students are addicted to social media and what cause this addiction. Another limitation in the studies was that observers did not have enough evidence on why students resort to social media and why are not able to do a task for no longer than six minutes. Rosen (2012). A future study needs be conducted on why students are having less attention span? How has technology contributed to this? Also what steps can be taken to resolve such issues. Overall technology has been growing ever since it’s been introduced; the relationship between technology and academics is something that needs be taken serious. With the raise in multitasking and distraction future students are endanger in receiving the fullest opportunity in gaining education.

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