Synopsis Of Life Course Theory Essay

Synopsis Of Life Course Theory Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide a brief synopsis of life course theory, while explaining the key principles of the theory as it relates to my personal interpretation. Also, by explaining the key principles of the theory, explain how this examined theory relates to the chosen news article event titled, “Lawyer: Jury Should Hear About Cop’s ‘Auditory Exclusion’”.
To begin with, the terms life course theory and life course perspective are interchangeable because, both terms essentially relate to the same meaning. This theory references a multitude of various different sciences to model for the observation of individual’s lives, social transformation and structural frameworks. This method incorporates thoughts and studies from a range of different scientific scopes including, sociology, history, demography, biology, developmental psychology, and economics. Mostly, it focuses concentration to the influential relation among people’s lives and socioeconomic and historical context in which their lives happen. “As a concept, a life course is defined as ‘a sequence of socially defined events and roles that the individual enacts over time” (Mitchell, 2003). These portrayed roles and events are not required to be in a sequential order, although they do establish the person’s overall real experie9+26+5-26-nce. Therefore, the idea of life course indicates the time of life distinguishing social marvels separate from undeviating life-cycle phases and the span of life. Life span reflects the length of characteristics and life that are closely associated to age but ten to differentiate to a select extent across location and time.
Furthermore, this perspective details the pertinence of time, process, context, and the value on hu...

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...e active agents who not only mediate the effect of social structure but also make decisions and set goals that shape social structure” (Mitchell, 2003). It is supposed, that people have the ability to participate in ‘planful competence’, which discusses the considerate, practical, and self-controlled methods that inspire a person’s decisions around institutional connections and social relations. “Parallel to this idea is the concept of control cycles whereby families and individuals modify their expectations and behavior in response to changes in either needs or resources” (Mitchell, 2003).
Finally, the last segment of life course perspective is that of how the past shapes the future. Basically to summarize, where the decisions that are made early on in life, along with the opportunities that are presented and the various conditions will later affect the outcome.

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