The Sun And All Living And Non Living Things Essay

The Sun And All Living And Non Living Things Essay

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According to Emerson, “the sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and heart of the child.” Yes, sun is a part of nature but it is God who created the sun and all living and non-living things. It does make sense to say that the sun is a reflection of a bright star and it is an image of what we actually see, but it is so bright we can’t look at the sun directly no more than 2 seconds. If the sun is made from hydrogen and helium, how is it visible to the naked eye? Is the gas not colorless? What makes the sun a figure you see? It is the mere making of God’s creation of all things He has put forth. It is Him that put all things in place only for scientists to research and experiment so that we can learn of His works. Once you look to the sun or Son you will have a new outlook on life. The Son alters your view in a positive light and so does the sun that shines bright that is hundreds and millions miles away from earth.

The trinity vs. tripartite
“The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. All three are divine and distinct, yet one (Ward & Poe).” According to Ward and Poe, each person is made up of three distinct parts just as God. Very similar and interesting breakdown. I can agree whole heartedly. The body, spirit, and the soul (Ward & Poe) is closely connected as intertwine with each other just as the Trinity. All connections are rooted and play off of one another. Spirit in humans can be connected like the spirit of God. Our spirit knows right from wrong and is the relationship that helps one to make conscious decisions. We listen to the spirit of God and when He is talking to us we have no choice but to oblige. The spirit moves us from negative behavior to...

... middle of paper ... increase your chances of beating cancer. One must trust in God and lean to Him, instead of relying on modern day science. The scientists can come up with different treatments and drugs but the almighty Healer has the final say so. God sees and knows all before we do. He knows how everything will pan out. When will a cure be invented or when will God reveal cancer clearance? Why is it that cancer is the most aggressive and steadily fast disease known to man? The more you put your faith and trust in God the greater chances you have to beat cancer. Adding stress to your illness can only affect it in a negative light. When you cast all your fears and doubts to God, it is Him that will see you through and provide a cure. It is Him that will ease your pain, the medicine is a bandage to cover up pain while God is waiting on you to rely on Him. Not science!

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