Summary Of ' A Starving World ' Essay

Summary Of ' A Starving World ' Essay

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Nicole Moulas
Mrs. Deatherage
English 10: American Literature
14 Oct. 2014
A Starving World
“The dull pain in the pit of your stomach spreads like a cancer to your chest and shoulders. As the days pass, every part of your body begins to ache… Your body begins to consume itself in a frantic search for energy… A lack of protein causes your belly to bloat; your legs and arms become little more than skin covered bones… Flies flit into and out of your mouth and crawl over your eyes because you lack the energy to brush them off. Near the end, your breath comes in short gasps, as if your lungs can’t get enough air. Finally—perhaps mercifully-your weakened heart simply stops beating.” (“Hunger” 1-2)
This slow, tragic death is not uncommon around the world. Starvation claims the lives of many people daily. World Hunger is becoming a major problem and directly resulting from a cycle of starvation and poverty. In order to end world hunger, a mix of sending food packages and increasing the use of biotechnology is needed.
Within the past decade and a half, the number of starving people has increased, resulting in one in eight people not getting enough food to eat. The majority of starving people live in developing countries, mainly located in Asia, the Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Starvation is also mostly found in low-income, rural areas. However, hunger has been on the rise in urban areas as well (“Frequently” 2). One of the major causes of world hunger is the significant lack of food security, or the ability of people to have access to healthy, nutritional food at all times, in many areas of the world (Marsh, Alagona 254). Due to this major lack of food security, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimated, “that 25,...

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... to food from poverty stricken people. It will lower the cost of food in order for the poorer people to be able to afford to buy enough to satisfy their hunger. This will hopefully end the cycle of world hunger.

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