Essay on Summary Of ' A Beautiful Mind '

Essay on Summary Of ' A Beautiful Mind '

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Samantha Adams, O’Bryanna Turman, Natalie Wilson, Theresa Meador
Professor Staley-Abney
Abnormal Psychology 212
11 April 2016
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind is a beautifully written film. This film is based on the real life of Dr. John Forbes Nash Jr. In the beginning, John Nash is seen to have arrived at Princeton University where he will be attending classes for mathematics. This is where he meets other science and math graduate students named Richard Sol, Ainsley, and Bender. He also meets his roommate Charles Herman. The graduate students all have to develop a theory, John Nash feels extreme pressure to publish a theory, but he wants it to be his own idea. John accomplishes this goal and publishes his new concept of governing dynamics. After his publication, John is offered an appointment at MIT and John chooses Sol and Bender to join him on this opportunity. A few years later, John is invited to the Pentagon to crack encrypted enemy telecommunication. This is where he meets William Parcher, who is with the United States Department of Defense. Parcher gives John an assignment that includes him searching for hidden codes in magazines and newspapers, he delivers his results to a hidden mailbox. John is also a teacher at MIT during this time and while teaching a class, he meets a student by the name of Alicia Larde. John and Alicia go on dates and eventually fall in love. After dating for a while, John returns to Princeton for a visit and runs into Charles and his niece Marcee. Then with Charles’ encouragement John proposes to Alicia and they get married. Furthermore, during this time it is shown that John is still continuing his assignment with Parcher. Although, after being involved in a shootout between Parcher and Soviet a...

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...e of a threat to ones safety of themselves and their loved ones, such as the incident of John leaving his son unattended in a tub because he believed his “friend” was watching him. Although there are more downsides to having Paranoid Schizophrenia there are some perks that come along with the illness. Many people with the disorder have shown higher instances of mental intelligence and above average IQ’s, especially in math and science subjects. Living with the disorder no longer has to be a life spent in institutions or isolation. Although there is no cure for Paranoid Schizophrenia there are treatments options for multiple antipsychotics medications, psychotherapy, and even electroshock therapy. As the quest for answers and solutions grow, and with today’s growing technology, the cure and ultimately, the prevention of Paranoid Schizophrenia is sure to come.

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