Succession Planning : Diversity Awareness Essay

Succession Planning : Diversity Awareness Essay

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Succession Planning: Diversity Awareness
Enterprises today face the challenge of successfully meeting organizational goals because the view of succession planning is separate from the business strategy. Ergo, succession planning must be incorporated into the company’s business strategy to ensure the preparation of future leaders for the rapidly changing business world. On the other hand, when current managers and executives do not recognize and tutor subordinates for leadership, he or she will have a preconception of being overlooked because of their gender, race, social class, and so forth. For instance, Marietta Diaz did not receive the supervisor position, and she believes the reason she did get the position because of her race and gender (Rothwell, 2016). With this scenario in mind, how can succession planning assist management and human capital develop career plans based on performance and include a diverse workforce?
Marietta Diaz: Overlooked for a supervisor position
Marietta Diaz was informed by her manager, Wilson Smith, that she did not obtain the supervisor position because of her deficiency of supervisory skills and experience and not because of her race and gender (Rothwell, 2016). Ms. Diaz internally struggles with the fact that she was in a nonsupervisory post just as Gordon Hague, the person promoted to supervisor, to acquire such skills (Rothwell, 2016). In this synopsis of Marietta Diaz, there are at least two flaws with this organization’s recognition and nonexistent succession plan to move employees into leadership positions.
First, Wilson Smith, Ms. Diaz’s manager, did not provide leadership readiness development plans for advancement in a leading role (Kleinsorge, 2010). When employees demonstrate signs or m...

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...the position.
Ordinarily, succession planning is about the aligning people to positions that best suits the organization in that immediate moment. Furthermore, as the world continues to evolve, also makes the demand for a diverse workforce. That being the case, it is the responsibility of the corporate leaders to include succession planning in the business strategy to address leadership developmental problems, identify what is causing personnel in receiving inadequate training and attention, take corrective action to treat succession failure, and implement preventive measures for future leadership roles. When the top of the organization does not know what the bottom is doing, then opportunities are missed, and employees start to wonder how to gain the essential managerial skills such as Marietta Diaz if they are not pushed to flourish in their current job.

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