The Success Of A Project Manager Essay examples

The Success Of A Project Manager Essay examples

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When you are selected to be in charge of any situation the responsibility of accomplishment or disappointment falls onto you. Once you are placed in a management role of a project you must be able to lead individuals effectively and efficiently in order to reach the expected conclusion of projects placed upon you. The success of a project manager can be broken down into specific roles and responsibility. A successful project manager must understand the concept of the project as well as be a leader, a coordinator, a motivator, and a communicator to the client and his or her fellow team members. Project managers also take on the responsibility of trying to avoiding common mistakes made by project managers that could potential lead to the failure of a project. By recognizing these common project failures methods, so that corrective action can be in place.
A project has been defined as a series of organized actions expected to achieve a well-defined objective; it has a specific start to finish and is not an ongoing activity. A project is distinctive in that it is not a repetitive process, but is a detailed set of actions designed to accomplish a particular goal. Many projects include people who do not usually work together, sometimes with different organizations within a specific company or companies. A project is usually deemed successful if it achieves the requested tasks according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget.
Often times described as the heart and soul of a project, a project manager is generally taken to be the person accountable for delivering a project safely, on time, within budget and to the desired performance or quality standards determined by the client. Project management is a logi...

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...project will be prosperous or not. The project manager does not have to know everything, he or she must "know what they don 't know." Even an inexperienced project manager will likely succeed if he or she has a support network of project management and subject matter experts that they can call upon. Project management is a team effort if you do not have a proper team behind you any and every project that you touch will more than likely fail. Another consideration for assigning a project manager is compatibility. When you get right down to it, projects are accomplished by people who must work together as a team. That doesn 't mean that they all have to be best friends, but if there are compatibility, personality, communications or similar issues between the project manager and the internal or external project-team members, this puts the project at risk (Jeffrey, 2012).

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