DPL/AES Project Management Process Improvement

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A project manager must have a clear understanding of the landscape or management methodology needed prior to starting the project. There are both internal and external factors regarding each project that may help shed light on what Project management process and what would be best process for the proposed project. It has been my experience that the all projects while similar will can various issue and problems associated with it. The construction process at Dayton power and Light is very involved and goes through many people departments and approvals prior to construction starting and project close out as completed.
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At any one on these points or several times at one point or multiple points an issue or problem or poor communication or just plain lack of follow through can through the Project train right off the track and has. The idea came about from my time in the military and my time as a fight instructor, and early in my career at working at Dayton Communicate Power and Light as an operation Supervisor. CCC, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, As a pilot if you get in trouble, or have a malfunction occur, or you are lost, talk to someone, work it out, help is out there. As an operation supervisor you job it to communicate with everyone, from field personnel, to testing personnel, to call center representatives, to customers, to Corporations, to the Directors, Vice President, and President of DPL. So a few of the Project Managers at DPL got together to brainstorm and look at solutions to the Project management process. Where are our chock points located, want are our problem areas. This worked but when we looked at the date results id was very slanted to the project managers pointing fingers at ...

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Concern Construction Folder Not Provided Proposal Not Included

Line Clearance Not Requested Project Not or Staked Incorrectly

Right Of Way Not Requested Permit(s) Not Included

Must Provide Comments On Items Below

Material Incorrect Customer Unaware Of Requirements

Field Changes Required (attach as-built) Other
Exceptional Effort or
Deficiency Comments

Follow Up Must Provide Comments On Items Below

Standards Related Design Material Related

Stakeout Related Communication Related

Construction Related Other
Follow Up Comments

Date Reviewed With DT Name of Reviewer

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