Importance Of Management Skills In Project Management

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In the globalized economy, Successful project managers are in much demand across many industries. Organizations strongly need experienced project managers to lead their staff to accomplish their business goals and deliver successful projects. In an increasingly complex environment, project managers need to turn into many roles and have all kinds of responsibilities at each level of management within an organization. Good project managers are not born. They need to be trained. They develop their skills through study, practise and experience. They become better project managers after they finish a successful project each time. They learn new techniques and apply them on their projects. They learn their lessons from failed projects and then improve to be better project managers in the future.

This essay will firstly discuss about the skills an effective IT project manager should have. Following this it will explain why these skills are useful to IT project managers. Subsequently it will identify the challenges unique to project management in the field of IT. Then it will present the analysis on whether leadership skills (as opposed to management skills) are really necessary for successful IT project management. On one
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Be a successful project manager, it is really important to master some essential skills. Among all different types of skills, following are some skills consider most important that an effective IT project manager should have.

Communication skills

Communication is a crucial part of project management. Project managers should be able to communicate clearly, simply, effectively and frequently. As good communication skills are vital in comprehending what is expected by clients and help to convey that goal to the project team. Also it helps to receive essential information from the project team and take the corrective steps when in process.

Interpersonal and Leadership
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