Essay about Studying in the Arena of Information and Communication Technology

Essay about Studying in the Arena of Information and Communication Technology

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The technological marvel of enabling a connectivity grid globally is now an indispensable tool of almost every sphere of life and subject to constant innovations. The magnetism of which has been the incentive for me to plot my future trajectory in Communications and Signal Processing and tapping into its phenomenal potential of enhancing the ease and efficacy of life.
The inclination towards the technical arena took root early with a penchant for the play of numbers, mathematics being my pet subject through schooling. My outstanding merit secured me the admission in ECE under Osmania University, which has been the gateway to an infrastructural learning experience along with multiple outlets to channel and polish my aptitude.
Consistent diligent working, strategic undertaking and preserverence have been the key factors in the perpetuation of my position among the top 5% of my batch. Conception and interpretation of subjects such as Analog Electronic Circuits, Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Electronic Devices, Digital Signal Processing, Automatic Control Systems, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Mircrocontrollers and Applications and Engineering Mathematics secured me a strong foothold in my engineering foundations. Comprehensive study of Analog and Digital Communication Systems, Digital Design, Digital Image Processing, Mobile and Cellular Communication, Microwave Engineering, and Radar and Satellite Communication Systems has equipped me with the overview of their functioning and application. Scoring a consistent A grade, Engineering Mathematics and Mobile and Cellular Communications have been my forte during the graduate study. I am fluent with Programming languages: C/C++, Assembly Language Programming of Micropro...

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...thics are paramount for the accomplishment of an endeavour, I credit myself as an earnest learner with lucid perception and sterling application of set data. My flair for a crisp grasp of the fundamentals and curiosity to imbibe the new, supplements my zeal to broaden my horizon.
Acceptance into the Binghamton University, New York would be an exemplary establishment to an acclaimed and proficient MS degree, which I aspire to accentuate with a PhD. I find the research work of Dr. Xiaohua Li intriguing and a beacon to my research interest Blind Channel Identification and Equalization for ireless communications. An opportunity to assimilate and experience under the mentoring of your university’s Department of Electrical Enggineering will prove conformational in forwarding my ambitions and career goals. I would be immensely obliged to be considered for the same.

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