Study of the Four Lakes in the Yahara Chain Essay

Study of the Four Lakes in the Yahara Chain Essay

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Carpenter et al., related the phosphorus (P) loadings, exports and concentration in the Yahara chain (a group of four lakes) in Wisconsin, USA, to some load reduction plans. The authors expected that the water quality enhancement should be in balance with the managements in all the chain.
The parameters used in this research were: 29-33 years of data for P inputs, outputs, initial concentrations for each lake and the activity of zooplankton (Daphnia pulicaria) only in for the two upper lakes (Lake Mendota and Lake Monona).
The study site included four lakes in the Yahara chain: Mendota, Monona, Waubesa and Kegonsa. The Lake Mendota is the largest and deepest of all 4 lakes, it has an influent derivative from agricultural and urban sources. The influent for Lake Monona is urban and it is the second largest and deepest lake. For Lake Waubesa, that is the smallest and less deep lake, the influent is from urban and agricultural. And for the last lake, Lake Kegonsa, has an agricultural influent and it is really shallow. For the modeling the scheme was in the same order, first Lake Mendota, then in the chain Lake Monona, in third place Lake Waubesa and at the final of the chain Lake Kegonsa.
For the model, the authors constructed an empirical model based on the P loads, summer concentrations and downstream exports. Once they had the model, they used it to determinate probability distributions for the P concentrations. This empirical model was based on data- based approach.
The information for the drainage loads, exports and concentration of P were obtained from North Temperate Lakes Long-term Ecological Research (NTL-LTER) program, US Geological Survey and Wisconsin DNR, creating with the information time series. For the loads to the La...

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... the P transportation of each lake it depended (based on the model developed) on the lake immediately upstream and in the additional drainage and the P that are on the sediments (this last parameter is more important for the lakes with less depth Lake Waubesa and Lake Kegonsa). For this study the annual proportion obtained, based on the upstream lake, was for Lake Monona 0.56, for Lake Waubesa 0.79 and for Lake Kegonsa 0.72.
With this research, the authors pretended to study the variability of the system of four lakes in Yahara chain and determinate the responses to the five different load reduction plans established, getting a model that can be used to project the response of the lake to the different plans, although authors emphasize the variability of the system and the need to take account the complex biogeochemical process that occurre in this type of systems.

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