Essay about The Study of Satan: Demonology

Essay about The Study of Satan: Demonology

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The Study of Satan ( Demonology)
The Bible describes Satan / the devil very seriously, he does have a terrible force, in the Book of Revelation writes symbolism "beast out of the sea" and so forth that illustrates the power it has. However, the devil does not always come as a frightening figure, but it also comes with a compelling figure in persuading. Genesis clearly shows that the serpent came with a polite attitude to Eve - not in a way that is scary - and the two engage in a discussion.

Satan is recorded in the Bible has the power, she can master the human, but the power of the devil is not nothing compared to the power of God. Satan blurry and shaky because of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Early Demonology

Demonology is a doctrine which states that a person's abnormal behavior is caused by the influence of an evil spirit or demon powers or studies on Satan / Devil and its properties. Christians when talking about Demonology, the name "Lucifer" became a major role. Because western Christians generally follow interpretations in Isaiah 14:12 that there is a rebellious archangel, he is "Lucifer" is a Latin word used by St. Jerome in the 4th century AD to translate the Hebrew word "HEILEL / HEILEI". The community believes that the strength of spirit or demon can penetrate into the body and control the mind and body of the person.
Demonology culture found in China, Egypt and Greece.
The religious leaders of the time did a ceremony to remove the influence of an evil spirit from a person's body. They use chanting spells or torture against a particular object, animal or human could. The method is called exorcism.

Satan / Satanas (Greece); Satan (UK); Shaitan (Arabic); Hebrew is a Hebrew word "satan". The Hebrew wo...

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