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899 words

The story of the Fall of Man is known to many people not so much through the Bible as through John Milton's Paradise Lost. Milton's work presents a version that has become part of biblical custom, and to a certain degree aid in the understanding of the Creation and the Fall based on Milton's additions and explanations. The poem's monumental influence aside, Milton's unparalleled perspective has made Paradise Lost one of the most significant works that is relatable to his own era and the present. However, religion is not the only aspect that can be presented at a contemporary angle. By bringing in symbolic figures he invites allegorical interpretations that allow similarities to be made about community structure. Milton appeals to a modern audience by recognizing the structure of society throughout Paradise Lost. Today’s generation remains familiar with this societal component and its various interpretations.
For starters, we can compare current government affairs in our society to the political context used in Paradise Lost. When reading Milton’s work as a political allegory, the situations in the epic can be aligned with modern day government in our society. The various speeches given by Satan are a prime example of a significant political voice. Much like citizens tune in to the president’s state of the union address, Satan uses similar techniques during his speeches that emphasize his political perspective. Satan addressing the fallen angels:
Is this the region, this the soil, the clime, […]
That we must change for heaven, this mournful gloom
For that celestial light? (1. 242-5).
In addition, Satan contains advanced skills with persuasion and misleading claims. This is easily seen in modern government elections with candidat...

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...lects a political standpoint, a hierarchy of social status, and the issue of authority and free will. By subtly voicing his political opinion within the characters and situations he develops a modern day understanding of government throughout the epic. In addition he portrays the importance of social status that is still influential in today’s society as well as at that time. The use of God and His role presents a scope of free will and authoritative actions that are consistent in the structure of society as well. Although Milton introduces in an obvious biblical sense at first, he provides indirect representations of social order that can still prove relevant today. Breaking down these interpretations, Milton satisfies a substantial modern idea other than religion. Paradise Lost repeatedly directs us back to the importance and influence of structure in our society.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that satan contains advanced skills with persuasion and misleading claims. this is easily seen in modern government elections with candidates using tactics like satan.
  • Analyzes how the act of temptation and the instance of eve's exercise of free will suggest the presence of certain limits on her exercising her freewill. the emphasis on individual interactions explains keeping the wider social currents, and subordination to the command of god institutes self-imposed morality
  • Analyzes how milton recreates the traditional epic layout and uses it to illustrate the structure of society as a whole.
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