Students ' Knowledge Foundations Based On Learning Academic Essay

Students ' Knowledge Foundations Based On Learning Academic Essay

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I think it is still an controversy topic throughout our life. On one hand, both parents and teachers believe that if schools decreases given the emphasis on academics, it will harmful for children because they could not gain more knowledge that benefit for their cognitive and physical development. On the other hand, many researcher emphazed that if decrease given the emphasis on academics, children would have more time on play. Play can improve the value of life for the entire family and play also fosters relationships and enables children to feel relaxed as they have fun.
From my perspective, the school should emphasize on academic because children tends to stage of build the brain architecture and they could assimilate the fresh knowledge and accommodate quickly. What is more, students’ knowledge foundations based on learning academic. Consequently, highlighted academic in school also crucial for students in terms of intellectual and emotional growth. It expends children domain of knowledge and teach children how to be polite person. I think the school shall highlight the academic for children.

The importance of play in some schools has been decreasing given the emphasis on academics. What do you think about this trend? How might it affect children’s development for better or worse?

I would like to choose five adjective like serious, stranger, assertive, trustful and supportive to describe my early childhood relationship with both of parents. First reason is my grandparents nurture me a lot when I was a little girl until adolescence, because my parents were business people that they had no much more time to take care of me and my elder sister. Consequently, I think we were like stranger sometimes, also my parents ...

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... cellphones, computers, and social media. As an caregiver, they need to learn new technology that keep up with their children. On one hand, caregivers could obtain more opportunity to communicate with children by social media, like facebook, twitter and wetchat. On their hand, caregivers probably prohibit their children to use social media by thinking about negative from that.
In my experience, using of curient technology will strength relationship with young children. In other words, it will be more easy to pay attention to young children with full awareness because they could totally join into children’s groups, to understand what is going on and how to friendly with young children. Once when my mom learned how to use facebook, she always talk with me online and share fresh things with me, it is easy for us to communicate and express own opinion based on news.

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