Alex Spiegel's How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning

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Plutarch deduces, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” A vessel is often cluttered with useless items while a fire kindles and is truly fascinating as it slowly starts to grow. The mind is always being filled with unnecessary information every single day. The student has the opportunity to mold the mind into storing information that is considered useful. In the academic sense, students should be able to use this information and apply it when they are learning. Students should strive to learn for the purpose of expanding the mind. Every single thing taught in school should be applied in life. That is the only way that anyone can become successful. Core subjects are often taught to expand a child’s knowledge. Core means the most crucial part of anything. Didactic teaching should be enforced so that students can get a lot out of it. As the district, we need students to understand the material,…show more content…
In How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning, by Alex Spiegel, he believes that “everyone is expected to struggle in the process of learning” (2012). Struggle is a natural occurrence that happens throughout the world. Students in elementary schools struggle with subjects of math, English, and science. The one that gives elementary students the most struggle is English. Since some students do not read when they are on break or in their spare time their reading ability does not necessarily develop. Struggle is solved by going over those areas that a student does not understand. “If struggle indicates strength- an ability to face down the challenges that inevitably occur when you are trying to learn something- you’re more willing to accept it” (2012). Challenges comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is the way that you face it that proves whether or not you overcame the struggle and turned it into strength. Success can only be achieved if all of these attributes come into

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