Students Develop Strong Content Area Reading Skills Essay

Students Develop Strong Content Area Reading Skills Essay

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K12 Reader
K12 Reader provides a clear description of what reading in the content area is. It also gave strategies to use when teaching reading in the different content areas. This website provides worksheets for grades K-12 in all areas of reading. The site has resources and articles that will help educators in the goal of teaching reading concepts to students. They also have lesson templates, graphic aids, and book list available.
25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area
The site provides twenty-five strategies to teach reading in the content areas. It also provides a creative display of the strategies that could be printed and displayed in the classroom as a reminder. Some of the strategies seem very simple and may be things that we already practice in the classroom setting. This site also provided resources from other sites that can be used to teach reading. The site doesn’t provide the strategies in any order of how they should be taught but they did mention that they can be put in the order of before you read, while you read, and after you read.
Reading with Purpose in the Content Areas
On this website, there are many resources for teaching reading. This particular resource is a strategies guide to reading in the content area. The guide provides strategies on how to improve reading in the content areas. There are other strategy guides available that promotes reading in the content are...

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This website provides resources for the classroom and also professional resources. There is a search option that will allow you to find your resources by grade level or keyword. On the website there is a page on reading in the content area. The page has 130 website that will assist in teaching in the content area. There is everything from reading and writing to comprehension.
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of English is a professional association of educators in English studies, literacy, and language arts. The website provides resources for literacy. On the page Content Literacy Resources, there are video examples of teachers teaching literacy in the content areas. There are also books and journals about this topic. You can find policy briefs on the topic and lesson plans.

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