Essay on Student Body Based On Gender During Class And Outside At Recess

Essay on Student Body Based On Gender During Class And Outside At Recess

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In Table 2, the school population is near equal in distribution with only 2 more male students than female students in the student body. With such a small student body, it is difficult to see any inequalities between genders with regards to math, science, or technology, as all students must take all courses. Furthermore, it is significant to note that the Caucasian population at the school represents approximately 45% of the student body, whereas all other races make up 46% of the student body. This unique distribution may be the cause for the appearance of more cultural material on classroom walls than gender specific materials.
Table 3 reflects the socialization of the student body based on gender during class and outside at recess. The data reflect an even bell curve with a small amount of male-male and female-female groups forming outside the largely populated female-male group. The teacher interaction with the students indicates that the male teachers socialize more with the students than the female teachers. Perhaps that is indication of female determination to succeed in their professional field. Gollnick and Chinn (2013) suggested that men were expected to work, but women worked out of necessity. The teacher/student interaction may reflect a women’s commitment to remain professional in order to keep their jobs.
The data in the Tables above reflect a high percentage of female teachers at this middle school (nearly 65%). Gollick and Chinn (2013) asserted that women mature to this high level of professional status simply because the role they play both at home often mirrors the role they play at their place of employment. Data reflected in Table 4.2 (Gollnick & Chinn, p. 123) indicate that nearly 97.6 % of women...

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...le the male instructors are flexible in how the speak with students. The constant firm tone reflected by the female instructor toward her students reinforces the stereotypical view that she is a mom disciplining her child rather than a professional with classroom management skills.
In conclusion, the data collected for this middle school does not reflect strict gender bias, perhaps because the school reflects more on the cultural needs of its students than their gender. Analysis indicates that although there are a higher number of female teachers than male teachers, the equal split of the student body (male to female) allows for culture to take precedence over gender in the classroom. Due to its high population of ethnic students, this particular middles school does not reflect a bias toward either gender—or any particular race either for that matter.

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