Essay about The Structure Of Salem And Its Puritan Society

Essay about The Structure Of Salem And Its Puritan Society

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1. The structure in Salem and its Puritan society is that those who are working for the government are considered to be at the high rank because they have more power. This is because they can all whether or not someone is a witch or not. Danforth, a judge, portrays the kind of power that he has. He says, “And do you know that near four hundred are in the jails from Marblehead to Lynn, and upon my signature” (Act III page 1190). Also he says, “Remove that man, Marshal” (Act III page 1187). The things that he says help show the audience that those who work for the government have power over the people. In the first quote, Danforth told Francis that he allowed four hundred people to be in jail because of him and the decision that he made. Cheever is known to be the second most powerful person in this story because he also works for the government. He said, “I like not the sound of it, I tell you’ I like not the sound of it. Now believe me, Proctor, how heavy be the law, all its tonnage I do carry on my back tonight. I have a warrant for your wife” (Act II page 1175). Cheever, having the warrant, was allowed to take away anyone whose name was on the warrant. The author made it seem like those who were married had the second most power because they had a companionship that would help each other out. The single women were the ones who had less power and would accuse people for witchcraft. However, through accusation, their status would rise slowly but not enough for them to have control over the people. Miller did not emphasize on the social status of poor and the wealth. Instead, he focused on those who have more power to protect themselves from such evil and haunting deeds. Arthur Miller was trying to tell the audience that something...

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... action created a chain of effects. Not only did it hurt Danforth, but it also hurt others as well. Such as Tituba who had good intentions from the start. Abigail made her look bad by accusing her without knowing her true intentions. . Tituba, accused by Abigail, told Hale that she did not make Betty give her soul to the Devil. She firmly stands her position by saying that she loves Betty and how she is a strong Christian woman. Tituba said, “Aye, sir a good Christian women” and “Oh, yes, sir, I don’t desire to hurt little children.” (Act I page 1155). Soon later, Tituba confessed saying that she involved herself to witchcraft because Hale promised that if she told him then, he would promise to protect her. Hale said, “You have confessed yourself to witchcraft, and that speaks a wish to come to Heaven’s side. And we will bless you Tituba” (Act I Page 1155 and 1156).

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