The Stress and Coping Strategies Employed by the Students of Engineering and Medical Students in a Semi Urban Area of Karnataka State

The Stress and Coping Strategies Employed by the Students of Engineering and Medical Students in a Semi Urban Area of Karnataka State

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Need for the Study:
The present study was designed to address the stress and coping strategies employed by the students of engineering and medical students in a semi urban area of Karnataka state. This study will also address how both stress and coping strategies are correlated with each other. As the available research has found that the students encounter a lot of stressors in their day to day life (Vivek and Waghachavare 2013). Due to these stressors a large number of difficulties are faced by the students in their educational setup. While dealing with these stressors the students use different coping strategies and these strategies helps them to overcome the negative effects of stressful situations and makes them excel in their academic life in particular (Chandrashekhar 2007) by keeping this in mind the present study was aimed to find the relationship between stress experienced and the type of coping strategies used by the students. The present study would also like to find the most effective coping strategy used by these students while dealing with the academic stress. For this study I have taken students from both medical and engineering colleges of district Tumkur, Karnataka. The level of stress and which coping strategies suits best while dealing with the academic stress would be the main focus of this study
The sample consisted of 97 male, and 100 female students of Medical colleges, and 91 male, and 100 female students of Engineering colleges were selected from semi urban area of Tumkur District, Karnataka state. Students were selected based on their interest in the study and submission of informed consent. Method of purposive sampling...

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...ction positive, Acceptance, and social support are significant with the academic stress. However result indicate that there is a significant positive correlation between students stress and coping strategies in academic background. It reveals that the level of stress increases with increase in the level of coping strategies. This result is in accordance with the earlier findings (Rahman Cai-Lian Tem, Teck-Heang Lee, 2013)

Implication of this study
Now a days we can find the level of stress and stressors who are affect negatively impact among Medical and Engineering students. Based on this finding, we have to train up them which coping strategies will help them to prevent or perceive stress as a positive way who ever appear in different academic environment. Through these finding we have to implement more stress management skills to prevent stress related disorders.

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