Stratification Of Race, Class And Gender Essay

Stratification Of Race, Class And Gender Essay

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Chapter five covers a large spectrum from women working inside the home to policies for gender equity and why it matters. In this response paper I will forces on: stratification, gender in the workplace, and intersection of family and work.
Stratification of Race, Class and Gender
Social stratification has been part of our world for as long as one can remember.
It has been the main reason why different groups of people have been treated more favorably than others. Trying to separate race, class and gender is a bit harder than just doing it. Picking just one, race, class or gender to answer why one is being discriminated against would near impossible because all three play a huge role. White privilege is a clear example; at the surface it seems to be only a case of stratification of race, on how much money a certain ethic group earns. We cannot overlook the parts a person’s gender plays in it. Take for example what the text says about women only earn 75 percent of what men earn, but that difference is between white women and white men. Page 123 stats that African American women earn a “whopping 69 percent of white men’s earnings” (Anderson 2015). This is a clear indication that both the stratification of race and gender play a role in the pay-gap.
Class plays a large role in the social stratification we see today. Simply put, if a person is born in to a well-to-do family, they have more resources and opportuneness then people born in underprivileged families. The texts states, “Class is not just a matter of individual resources; it involves the relationship between class groups and whole social systems (Anderson p.122 2012). If we used the example above on white privilege and the pay gap, it can be concluded that if a person...

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... was lazy because I did not contribute to my family’s income. When I went to work full time, I was criticized because I was selfish for leaving my children in the care of other people and not taking responsibility for raising them. I was also called a part-time mom because I parent only part-time as well as lazy because working out side the home was “getting a brake” from the kids.
At first these comments bothered me because I suffer from a huge amount of Mom guilt. Mom guilt is the guilt I feel when I realized I couldn’t do and be everything for every one. Learning to balance a work life as well as trying to be super-mom was trying and took a strain on my own happiness, but it was possible. I am lucky because I have always had a supportive spouse who has worked hard so the issues I mention above did not hit our family nearly as hard as a female headed household.

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