Essay about Status Symbols On A Macro Level

Essay about Status Symbols On A Macro Level

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5. Status symbols on a macro level can be described as material signs that members of society as a whole can identify with that informs this whole society of a person’s specific status. Good examples of this from the movie are police officers, you see them in their uniforms on, cop lights on their car, and even hats and jackets with the specific unit name of which they work in on it. Status symbols on a micro level would be described as material signs that smaller, more specific groups could identify as a status symbol that informs them of a specific status. Examples from the movie are gangs wearing the different colors to symbolize what “set” they represent, and drug dealers wearing expensive clothes and jewelry and driving a flashy car so people know that he is “the man” and what he does. Mentor is defined as a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. Examples of a mentor are shown in the movie by Hodges showing Pac Man the right way of becoming a respectable cop and he invites him over to his house for dinner and really tried to build that relationship to show Pac Man the right path. Also, it is shown by the ex-gang member turned community leader, he tried to guide Frog and his crew away from the gangbanging life. Achieved Status is a social position that a person assumes as a result of personal choice, merit, or direct effort. Examples from the movie is Pac Man becoming a police officer, Pac Man’s new partner at the end of the movie choosing to be a police officer, and Felipe becoming an official part of Frog’s gang. Negative sanctions is defined as penalties for inappropriate behavior. Examples from the movie are gang bangers being arrested for illegal activity, ...

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...on anyone or giving up too much information to anyone outside the gang or police, and to respect and always listen to the leader of the gang. Informal Norms of the police is defined as unwritten standards of behavior understood by people who share a common identity. Examples from the movie are not pushing or making a by stander talk to you about an incident because they still have to live in that dangerous community, and not getting involved in police brutality. Formal Norms are defined as rules or laws that are written down and involve specific punishments for violators. Some examples of formal rules from the movie are being incarnated for drug affiliation, violent acts, refusal to pay tickets, being chased down if you refuse to pull the car over when police tells someone to, and being arrested if they have reasonable doubt or if you are found with anything illegal.

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