Essay on Starbucks : The Largest Coffee Company Globally

Essay on Starbucks : The Largest Coffee Company Globally

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Starbucks Company has been declared the largest Coffee Company globally. The company has shown considerable growth in profit over the years, and the increase of profit is what has led to the question; what strategies have Starbucks put in place to gain a competitive advantage over the years? Looking at what the company is doing to gain competitive advantage; one will have to look at how the company is connecting with the customers, the products they provide and their marketing behavior.
Starbucks has over the years sought to create and strengthen long-lasting relationships with their clients. The company does not just aim at offering coffee alone to the customers but also making sure that the customers get a sense of homeliness with the business that the company terms as “Starbucks Experience.” The demonstration of the “Starbucks Experience” and feeling of homeliness is from the great ambiance designs that the company has in all its locations around the world. When dealing with customers, Starbucks Company has created a Starbucks Rewards Card for its clients who purchase products from them. The Rewards Card is one of the many things that the company uses to entice the customers to come back to them for purposes of making purchases. Through the Rewards Card, the company can build loyalty with the customers. Apart from the Card, the company also conducts surveys whereby the customers are encouraged to give their views about the enterprise and where they feel the company needs to improve to be better for the customers. Allowing the customers to share and communicate about what they feel about the company is a good strategy because it is through it that there is an establishment of long-lasting relationships between the company and t...

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...ucks should moderate its prices instability risk. The company should adjust to the fluctuations, make their prices manageable for the customers, and be able to be available and affordable to the regular person.
The biggest growth experienced by Starbucks is in its global market. The company has many emerging markets, for instance, India, Mexico, Brazil, China and South Africa that makes it able for the company to expand into the growing population. The growing population is composed of the middle-class who in turn will keep on offering many chances for the company increase new and more stores to serve a large number of customers. Though Starbucks has made a major network in the Chinese market, the company still has a lot of probable growth that is untapped in these markets. Starbucks should develop in some markets that are emerging by trying first to win locally.

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