The Standard Stabilizing Drugs Used For Bipolar Disorder Essay

The Standard Stabilizing Drugs Used For Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Lithium is one of the standard stabilizing drugs used for bipolar disorder (
The main reason for why there is noncompliance with the prescribed medication regimen being a frequent complicating factor in the treatment of bipolar disorder is because of the side effects. There are some patients who express regret over losing their maniac episodes in addition to the excitement that accompanied them following the episodes. Some side effects of long-term lithium use include mild central nervous system disturbances, gastrointestinal upsets, and some serious cardiac effects (Halgin & Whitbourne, 2014 p.174).

The factors that I account for finding that bipolar disorder is associated with one of the highest suicide rates, a rate higher than that of depression is when these individuals with Bipolar Disorder do not get treated. A study done by Steven C. Dilsaver, MD concluded that lifetime anxiety disorders were associated with a massive increase in the risk of attempting suicide. There has been recent research that shows people with BD having an increased comorbid anxiety burden than those with major depression. This contributes to the higher incidence of someone attempting and actually completing suicide especially in those with BD when compared to someone with major depression. Dr. Dilsaver also concluded that there is a significant dose to response relationship between loading for comorbid anxiety disorders and the chances of someone having a suicide attempt; the more anxiety someone has, the greater their risk for attempting suicide will be (Desilver, 2007). Males are more likely to commit a successful suicidal act than females because depression in men can take form in ways that do not necessarily involve sadness, crying,...

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... asked Mary to remove her gum before starting the interview she had initially refused. She mentioned how she liked chewing hard gum ever since she was a kid. Mary asked the interviewer if he wanted a piece of the gum she was chewing when he replied no, she proceeded to laugh. Then the interviewer asked Mary what types of things make her cry she said the passing of her mother in 1993. She then mentioned and asked if she was focused on the camera and then laughed again. Her attention shifted to something else relatively quickly. What is meant by saying her response is inappropriate with regards to content is that her response to laughing might suggest she finds shifting her focus to something other than her mother’s death causes her to laugh rather than to cry. Since the thought alone causes her sadness and in order to mask that she avoided discussing it any further.

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