Essay on Standard 7 : Planning For Instruction

Essay on Standard 7 : Planning For Instruction

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Standard 7: Planning for Instruction
It is significant to focus on certain content areas and skills in order to meet a student’s specific needs and to allow the individual to gain knowledge in education. The teacher must strategize basic instructions according to data particularly from assessments (7d, l). The teacher must also estimate plans in relation to short- and long-term goals which also includes adjustments to plans in order to meet each student’s educational necessities and improve learning at a reasonable pace (7f, p). The short- and long-term planning must assure that the student is learning. Collaborative planning with other professionals who also have a concentrated expertise is crucial to design and provide necessary learning experiences to meet distinctive learning needs (7e, m). Content standards and an essential understanding of the content are significant because of the structure and understanding throughout the curriculum (7g, a). The teacher is open to any modifications and revisions that are obligatory, based on the student’s circumstances (7q). Nevertheless, this standard requires knowledge of multiple content areas, cross-disciplinary skills, student’s knowledge, and community knowledge in order to focus and strengths and needs of an individual.
I have seen this standard practiced many times throughout my internship and educational career. One of my teachers would constantly plan and organize particular times with the librarian or media professionals in order to provide a suitable learning experience for individuals with exceptional learning necessities (7e, m). My teacher would always know where to find resources within the library that individuals needed while also collaborating with other specialists. A...

... middle of paper ...

...d for ideas and student’s needs (8s). I need to improve on applying a variety of appropriate instructional strategies, which include cultural and linguistic, to allow students to achieve their learning objectives (8k). It is crucial that I also improve on my knowledge of necessary strategies and resources to provide for individuals (8a). This also includes resources for groups of students and modifications to specific needs of individuals. I will work to apply knowledge in meaningful ways to my students so that I can keep my class fully engaged in the lesson plan. I will strive to value the variation of ways that individuals speak with one another and I will continue to encourage individuals to use multiple forms of communication (8q). This concept will allow my students to develop a variety of ideas, which can be a discussion within my classroom for others to hear.

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