The Stages Of Childhood Development Essay

The Stages Of Childhood Development Essay

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Stages of childhood development are imperative to the success of child’s health, and physical well-being. The stage of childhood, I have chosen to write about is from birth to the age of two. In this paper, I’ll discuss more in-depth the various changes of intellectual, physical, emotional, and many more key aspects. Along with answering other required key questions. One of the reasons, I selected this stage, was I remember the first time I’ve laid eyes on my children after my wife had given birth. I remember every moment of it, and loved it. I also think this is the hardest stage, especially to new parents everywhere. Depending on how the baby is raised in this stage could dictate a lot of other changes that have yet to come. My second reason why I chose to write about this stage of development is I believe this is the most
A baby can be born prematurely or naturally on time. It’s been estimated that babies grow 21 inches at birth to nearly 33 inches when they turn two. Their overall weight from birth to two years old increases to approximately 29 pounds. While these physical developments occur, their organizational behavior changes as well. At three months, their sensory abilities and coordination become more of a control behavior. At eight months year old, the baby will have the ability to sit alone. Finally at eighteen months old, the baby will began to a language, and the expansion of representational thought.
Language is a form of communication that parents and their infants use from birth. For-example when a baby smiles, it usually means their happy. While, when it cries it could mean various things, from being hungry, to needing to change their diaper. When the baby is about ten months old, they attach themselves to obj...

... middle of paper ... any books about parenting, I just learned as it happened. However, since this class, I wish I would have read a book about parenting. I never realized how connected children are to parent’s emotions and facial expressions. I was not aware that infants had the ability to mimic a parent’s facial expression when they are that young, nor comprehend the significance of them as being sad and/or happy. I remember my wife would get stressed out, when she know I had an upcoming deployment coming up. When I left for my deployment, when my son was a couple months old, I recalled him crying a lot more then often. But now I understand why my son behavior during that time. Stages of childhood development are imperative for the success of any child. By understand all changes throughout this process you can ensure that your child will be healthy and minimize all potential risks.

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