Essay on Sports Nutrition : A Comprehensive Sport Nutrition Organization

Essay on Sports Nutrition : A Comprehensive Sport Nutrition Organization

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Endura Sports Nutrition is a comprehensive sports nutrition organisation made in Australia. In the highly competitive industry of sport suppliants, Endura rely on their innovative scientific and clinical research to deliver high quality products. Specifically designed to help you train harder, perform better and recover faster, the Endura product rage is made from high quality ingredients and raw material at the Brisbane based facility. Their product rage consists of everything from energy fuelling protein powders to hydration gels and performance bars (Endura, 2016). Endura have a strong history with triathlons and their athletes but also cater to runners, cyclist and swimmers.
More and more people are turning to active lifestyles to improve their health and well-being and as a result the consumption of sport supplements has increase. The sports nutrition industry is booming right now, with a plethora of brands offering their products to consumers. We are currently seeing an increase participation of sport and fitness activities. According to research sports nutrition is forecasted to out perform all other consumer health industries with a trend focusing in preventative healthcare (Euromonitor, 2016)
Endura’s target market can be broken down into four segments.
- Elite athletes
- Enthusiasts
- Weekend Warriors
- Recreational Users
This strategy will focus on two target markets the enthusiasts and the weekend warriors to help improve brand awareness and community engagement.
The enthusiasts are core performers who are active in the sport industry in a competitive environment. They will actively seek out products and are typically well informed about what is offered on the market. They are serious about formu...

... middle of paper ...

...platform is Facebook where they often connect with consumers, however Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are neglected. The frequency of posts to all platforms was also a concern with some going weeks without updates. Another concern was the content provided to consumers was repetitive and lacking in excitement and interaction.
The analytics plan will help to establish a framework for search performance, engaging content and community management. Implementation of this strategy will help to identify KPI’s need to monitor the performance of Endura’s search engine optimization strategy (SEO), their social media presence and consumer engagement.
Key Performance Indicators
- Number of sessions
- Returning visitor verse new visitor
- Bounce rate Acquisition
- Number of organic search results
- Referral channels
- Social network referral channels

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