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Sport is used in the Greek society as a form of entertainment. It was formed around gender and hierarchy but revolved around religious festivals and events (Golden, 1998). These festivals and events were used to honor the ancient Greek gods and goddesses such as, Zeus, Hera, Athena, Olympia, and Hercules.
The history about sport in Olympia and Nafplio was based on the ideologies that mankind would celebrate and worship the gods. Theories and myths have revolved around the beginning of events and festivals in Greece.
Before the Olympics was the Pythian games, which took place in a Delphi stadium every four years. They began in 586 B.C and lasted five days to honor the Greek god, Apollo the god of music, for defeating the Python (Miesfeldt, n.d.).
In honor of that fight, the games are referred to as musical games. The first day of the competition is devoted to religious celebrations and reenacting the epic fights between Apollo and the Python, by sacrificing animals. The second day was devoted to feasting on those sacrificed animals, which created a sense of community among the participants. The third day began the competition with music and dance by portraying various poetry and drama’s. Athletic competitions began on the fourth day, which consisted of foot races, boxing, wrestling, and pentathlon. The fifth day of the festivals revolved around the chariot and horse races. The winners of these competitions would receive a laurel wreath, made by the boy who played Apollo in the reenactment (Miesfeldt, n.d.). These games helped establish Delphi as the center place prior to the Olympic games (Miesfeldt, n.d.).
The Olympic games were held in Olympia based on the theory that Zeus began the games to celebrate the victory of his fathe...

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...ocation of their facilities, and the specific events they could compete in. (Crane, n.d.). This is present in today’s society based on the surrounding areas of athletes and what is commonly participated in. Lastly, sport in Greece was created to honor the gods. Many professional and amateur athletes use religion to balance their lives and explain winning and losses (Coakley, 2014). These ancient festival and events are still practiced in some form today. Many of the Greek philosophies about strength and the human body are practiced today (Miesfeldt, n.d.).
Nafplio is a small town at the north tip of the Argolic Gulf. This small harbor was held under many different rules during the middle ages. During the Greek revolution in 1821, it was known as the capital of the region. In 1834, it became the capital of the regional unit of Argolis. While no major athletic events

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