Sparta Vs Athens Research Paper

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In today’s society it is hard to grasp the reality that once was Ancient Greece. Two of the greatest powers in Ancient Greece was Athens and Sparta. Although Ancient Sparta and Athens was in the same relative area there civilizations were astonishingly different. Their Governments were very different, Sparta being a kind of warrior race and Athenians being a place of indulgents and relaxation. The interests of the Greek people were better served by the Democracy of Athens compared to the Oligarchy of Sparta. Evidence of Athens fair treatment towards its citizens have survived down the ages. Athens had lots of relaxing activities that were not only allowed but encouraged. People of Athens also had freedom and could choose what they wanted to do with their lives. The Government of Athens also accepted many different cultures as well as many different trading opportunities for the prosperity for its people.
First and foremost, Athenians had many opportunities to participate in activities such as sports, contests and …show more content…

The citizens of Athens could vote on the ways that their civilization was run; everyone decided who was responsible for different tasks of running the government, in other words they were a Democracy. People in Athens were not held back from government decisions because of their wealth. Athens was so accepting of people’s wealth to the extent that slaves were respected and got small amounts of money for work they completed. This was entirely different in Sparta. Spartan people had very little say in government matters; their government was made up of 7 truly powerful people. Slaves in Sparta were also mistreated and unlike in Athens where they only slaves from far off lands; Sparta had slaves from all around Greece. This acceptance of all people and their wealth goes to show that the Democracy of Athens treated its citizens better than the Spartan

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