Speech On Sugar And Its Secret Essay

Speech On Sugar And Its Secret Essay

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Sugar and its Secret
Probably one of the most delicious ingredient in every special occasion. Have you imagined a birthday party without a cake? Kids enjoy specially in their birthdays eating cake with spectaculars movie characters; this is a mommy and grandma tradition. A typical multi-floor cake after high school graduation, it is very exciting after completing four years long. The faces of the groom and wife after having bitten the fist price of chocolate mousse cake are priceless. That mother day, when little kids decide to make a descent mother cake filled with ice cream and almonds. Also, San Valentine’s Day without pinky and red cake made of cupcakes are obvious. There is a strange fact that it is enjoyable, but when people realized the effects of it, the concepts of eating that cake as a tradition change the way we used to consume sugar. The consequences are not pleasant at all; many health problems come together with the most joyful event.
Sugar, a substance that is everywhere and little by little is controlling our food dietary. In most likely around the world groceries are filled of products that contains sugar, I could say that an 80% of these products have sugar in it. Sugar is a carbohydrate that have glucose and fructose. In my English class, the professor shows to the student several videos about the terrible effects of eating too much sugar. Based on “Obesity Rates: A Rising Threat to Public Health and Welfare” the greatest problem facing the United States is obesity. All of these issues are appearing because sugar is becoming more popular in the food people consume. According to a video that I saw in class “The Skinny of Obesity”(as cited in Dr. Lusting, 2016) a vicious cycle, sugar causes many chronic metabo...

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...y diet.
The results do not make me happy at all, so I planned to lower my sugar intake and start eating more necessaries nutrients to have a more healthy life. Instead of consuming 74 grams daily of sugar that could rise my blood pressure;I will buy sugar free products or with a less quantity. Furthermore, I will incorporate more veggies and fruits in my meals; also, adding minerals and fiber is a really good option to maintain my diet healthy.
In conclusion, people think that sugar consumption is not a topic to talk, but really it is. So before thinking in making a cake and buying candies and cookies for a birthday, think that sugar is present and it is not healthy for your guests. Buying these products is a tradition for making and having a perfect birthday party, but people as a society need to change traditions and costumes for health and longer lifetime.

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