Essay on Speech On Changing Education System

Essay on Speech On Changing Education System

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I like how in the beginning of the video that the speaker reassured the audience that the changes in the education system that needs to be made will not call for fewer homework assignments, fewer exams, and a later school start time. By the speaker stating that up front, that helped the audience and video viewers to stay tuned in to what he had to say/present. That was a very effective public speaking/presentation technique. I am all for the speaker’s ideas that were presented in the video. I already try to utilize some of his ideas in the classroom, when I sub for teachers. The speaker’s ideas of how the education system should be setup is exactly the same as mine. His ideas reminded me of the information that we talked about in Module 1 – Sir Ken Robinson’s Lecture on Changing Education Paradigms. Making school more relevant, meaningful, and connected to the world that we live in, is the logic behind both individuals’ ideas. I honestly believe that is what we have to do! Help students to realize why it is important to go to school! Make it fun, interesting, and about them...

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