The Speech Of Aristophanes ' Story With Real Human Beings Essay

The Speech Of Aristophanes ' Story With Real Human Beings Essay

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In human society, people remain searching others who could complement themselves and feel love with each other. Love, a strong emotion of human beings, is hard to be defined. It is born into our lives. Couples, those people with love, could be strong and powerful when facing their difficulties and happiness in their life. We can see the great about love, but what about the nature of love? What is the reason that a person needs another person to complete him/herself? Plato, the Greek philosopher, who thinks love is not just sexual and forms the love as a minds and intellects communication, creates a metaphor in “The Speech of Aristophanes” by comparing the Aristophanes’ story with real human beings to explain his own answer of this question. People could feel loss and lonely because we have been created as could be satisfied by others. In the metaphor, it tells a story which describes how people were designed.
First of all, Plato pointed out two statements, one of them was long ago human nature was very different with what it is now that there were three kinds of human beings: male, female and a combination of them. The combination is called survives that was somehow disappeared now. The other one is that all human being was shaped as round that their back and sides were rounded; in addition, they have four hands and four legs each, and two faces which were opposite with four ears on their rounded neck. And also, they had two sets of sexual organs. Their motions had power that they could walk or run whatever direction. When they want to run fast, they spun. Plato described human nature he imagined. They had strength and power, so they were threatening. Therefore, they had ambitions so that they wanted to attack the gods. Unfortuna...

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...r half of themselves came back to them and grow together. As a result, people longed for others as we do now. This is the reason, the source of love, is the source of people’s desire that finding and loving with each other. This information is what Plato wanted to argue. It is an imaginary story, not a part of human history, but it tells the truth that love is born into every human being. Love attracts people to be together, to heal the wound, even the wound of human nature.
In the conclusion, although love is an emotion that is difficult to be defined, Plato used an extended analogy, an imaginary story to express the answer in his mind. He thinks that people want to be together otherwise they will feel emptiness because they were one whole long time ago. That is what we were designed. Even sexual is a part of it, love is born into our soul from our original nature.

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