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Paragraph one intro-What is the origin of this universal feeling known as love? It all starts with the history of love. There really is no marked beginning of this feeling that has no evidence of its existence. It could have begun scientifically with Neanderthals, or even religiously with Adam and Eve-the theories and stories are endless. Some psychiatrists claim it begins with the Oedipal suppression, where the son feels a form of love for their mother just as their daughter would feel the same for their father. As they mature and meet a potential mate who shows similar characteristics to their parents, passionate love forms between them. There is no specific answer as to why any one person falls for a particular type of person, only theories, and approaches. In this essay, we will look at all aspects of love and just what it does to the brain as well as what parts it deactivates, the things you go…show more content…
Because of this step when being in love as well as the dopamine levels raising, musicians and poets are able to be inspired to create more artistic things. There is a particular part of the brain known as the dorsal insula, a part that is also very active when in love with both men and women yet it does different things. For men, this region focuses on penile tumescence and a beautiful face. For women, this region is more focused on romance, memory, and emotion. In Tarlacı, Sultan’s The Brain in Love she talks about a study by Zeki in which he studied the neuron growth(what keeps the brain young) between a group of people who have been in love and another who has never felt it or were rejected. The group who were in love had double the neurons than the other group, which keeps the brain young as well as the mind. A drop in neurons can result in neural degeneration, dementia, depression, autism, and even a sensitivity when it comes to

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