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Essay on Special Treatment for Celebrities: The Law Should Apply to All

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Ever picked up a newspaper and read about a celebrity drive while being drunk, then they get pulled over are accused of being offensive to the arresting officer and other people. then several weeks later you hear about this same person being only charged with a minor offense when you remember it was a DUI (driving under the influence). Why does the law help these celebrities.
Being a celebrity exposes them to the public, and many celebrities take advantage of this in many ways. from endorsing sportswear to sunglasses, sometimes you even see them supporting politicians. Regardless of their interest this is important because they are trusted by their fans and are believed to be a person with morals and integrity. Sometimes you can turn on a television and see them hosting an event raising money for various causes, from helping hospitals that take care of kids that have cancer to earthquake victims or gathering food for the homeless. and we all can see this and it feels good that somebody is making at least an effort to help.
It is common knowledge that the law is almost always imperceptible to famous persons that commit a crime, most are light in nature, leaving the attending officer an easy choice to give him or her a just a warning and send them on their way, but what happens when the offense is more severe, dangerous enough to endanger himself and those around him. Do they do it because they know they can get away with it, or they do it because they are human like you or me and make mistakes like everyone else. Do they deserve a change to explain themselves, or should they be treated like any average person in this country.
When someone is driving under the influence and a police officer stops you, the officer start a se...

... middle of paper ... would change at all if we do not denounce the injustice and unfairness to the law agencies, we can make all take a part in this and put an end to the so-called celebrity favors.
Meanwhile I will be keeping an eye on the newspapers and check a website now and then about how our stars are behaving. Hopefully there will not be a necessity to make petitions for these problems to be addressed. But I feel confident that America will come forward and will address the issue with vigor and fortitude.

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