Arrest Essays

  • Conditions for a Lawful Arrest

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    of justice, unlawful arrests and so on. There are remedies however, for those who abuse the system. In this essay I will critically consider the conditions for a lawful arrest. There is however, no concrete definition of arrest. It was deprived in Christie v Leachinsky (1947) that an arrest is ‘the beginning of imprisonment’, thereby suspects to a degree are physically restrained as they cannot be free to go wherever they like. So, during a criminal investigation, an arrest occurs whereby the police

  • My Arrest and Rebirth

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    My Arrest and Rebirth With great embarrassment and pain, I must tell you that I have once been arrested; it was over a fight with my brother Jacob. The police attribute Jake's behavior to chemical dependence; my parents blame it on some unknown incident while he was at school. I don't know, myself; I do know that I returned from Israel to find Jake had taken over my room, as well as anything else in the house he could manipulate or control. The TV, VCR and computer were his absolute domain;

  • Drug Possession Arrests Summary

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    “Drug Use, Drug Possession Arrests, and the Question of Race: Lessons from Seattle” The article, “Drug Use, Drug Possession Arrests, and the Question of Race: Lessons from Seattle” written by Katherine Beckett, Kris Nyrop, and Lori Pfingst is about how the racialization of imagery surrounding drugs has had a major impact on institutional effects that shape police perception and practices. These effects could be the cause of the racial disparity that characterizes drug possession in Seattle. The

  • The Police Powers of Search, Arrest, and Interrogation

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    respected. However the police must have sufficient powers to investigate crimes. Therefore Parliament has given the police special powers that can be used in certain circumstances. These powers include the rights to stop and search suspects, to arrest and interview people when necessary and to take fingerprints and samples (blood samples) for scientific analysis. Without the police having these certain powers then it would be nearly impossible to investigate any crimes. But it is also important

  • The Day They Came To Arrest The Book Review

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    My novel ‘The Day They Came To Arrest The Book’ was based upon racism in the late 70’s. An era which occurred before I existed. There are many movies and books depicting events from this time, some of which I have seen or read. I had always thought that my views on racism were somewhat close to the truth, after reading the novel I realized that I had been wrong. Therefore, this novel has altered my feelings and opinions which I had towards the treatment of the Negro race. Before I read this novel

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

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    dream, a game winning shot, of a cardiac arrest. ( Moisse Sec. 1 Par. 1-3) What happens when an athlete that is in the best of physical health suffers a sudden cardiac death? The sudden death leaves the community, team, and family shocked and devastated and looking for answers.Whether they are throwing a pitch, shooting the game winning shot, running to the finish line, or making the tackle, an athlete in the United States suffers a sudden cardiac arrest every three days. ( Subasic 18 ) The deaths

  • House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring

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    My topic is based on house arrest (HA) with electronic monitoring (EM) and I will be arguing in favour of it being an alternative to confinement. This alternative method is reliable, lenient, efficient, and effective. It is reliable because it is a valid option for offenders who committed less severe crimes, leaving more space in prison for serious offenders. After all, there is a growing concern of jails getting overcrowded, meaning more offenders are under custody in one institution that requires

  • Cardiac Arrest Research Paper

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    basketball all of a sudden one person fell and was unresponsive and turned blue and very pale. Immediately you dial 911. Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one reason people die in the U.S and in one year can kill 325,000 people or more. Fortunately, medical research has been done and there are many ways to revive a person, one being CPR. 2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Other Emergencies: SCA and heart attacks are not the same. SCA is when abnormal rhythms of the heart disrupt the heart’s impulses


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    cardiac arrest are treated with mild therapeutic hypothermia is now recognized as standard therapy in patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) leading to unexpected death 1 in 1500 adults each year in this hi tech world (Zheng et al 2001). Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) may increase survival and reduce the amount of neurologic damage after cardiac arrest. According to the recent guidelines, comatose survivors of out-of-hospital ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest should be

  • Sculpture: The Betrayal and Arrest of Christ

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    This is an extremely high relief sculpture made of limestone. It is to be viewed from a frontal standpoint. It however does have a potential for movement. There seems to be a great deal going on in such a close space. It is very crowded, but dramatic. The figures are intertwining with each other all at once even though there are different things happening. It reminds me of a play with scenes. You can actually step in to it and feel as though you are a part of what is happening because of all the

  • Therapeutic Hypothermia: Preventing Damage After Cardiac Arrest

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    Introduction Hypothermia protocol for the post cardiac arrest patient has been an evidence based practice of this therapy for about a decade now. This intervention, often used in the critical care setting, is now expanding to primary emergency responders as well. This paper will present some of the notable research that has been done on therapeutic hypothermia, and current use of this intervention. Control studies, animal studies, and case studies have been published related to these medical interventions

  • Rottman v commissioners of police for the Metropolis

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    German businessman and was suspected of fraud in Germany. A court in Germany issued a warrant for his arrest on the 27th December 1996. The respondent left Germany at the end of 1995. On 13TH September 2000 the metropolitan police received a request from the German authorities via Interpol, for the respondent’s extradition to Germany. On 22nd September 2000 a provisional warrant for the respondents arrest was issued by the Bow street magistrate’s court under section 8(1) of the extradition Act 1989. The

  • Final Project for Criminal Evidence and Procedures

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    paper ... ...d.). Requirements for a dui checkpoint. Retrieved from 2. Criminal Law. (n.d.). What is the officer looking for leading up to and during a dui arrest? . Retrieved from 3. Frederick, H. (2012, 05 22). Headline surfer. Retrieved from

  • Law Enforcement and Miranda Warnings Case Analysis

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    This paper will go through the first arrest that a new police officer did while responding to a house break in. It will show what a FTL would say to the new officer on how they did with the situation after the arrest. We will identify four issues during the arrest that related to the Miranda Laws. Then, we will try and relate these issues to a historical case. Later, we will carefully analysis the situation and see if we could resolve the issues or not. We will then go over how these issues could

  • The Case Of DPP V Carr

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    require certain powers, authority in order to perform their duties and this extends the power to arrest. This paper focuses on the decision of the court in DPP v Carr, the amendments on Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act (LEPRA) section 99 and a critical evaluation of statements made by Sentas and Cowdery. The decision in DPP v Carr The case of DPP v Carr is a fundamental case in evaluating arrest as a measure of last resort in the execution of a police officer’s duties. The brief facts

  • Research Paper On The Miranda Warning

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    Warning is not around then the world of corrupt police will increase. The Miranda rights contain certain aspects that inform the criminal of his rights and also what can be used against them. The police are able to use what they say in the process of arrest in the court of law. This in no way will hindered the cop from performing their duties. The Miranda warning introduces laws and guarantees to the criminal that would not be present if they are not recited by the police at the beginning of the act

  • Miranda V. Arizona Case Study

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    man named Ernesto Miranda was under arrest by police officers. As police arrested Ernesto Miranda they didn’t read him his rights. Ernest Miranda lived in Phoenix, Arizona where he was charged with rape, kidnapping and robbery. Ernesto Miranda was a criminal, however he was not informed of his legal rights before the arrest. Ernesto Miranda also had a history with mental problems and didn’t finish his high school education. (PBS 2015) The police officers arrest Ernest Miranda

  • A Comparison of The Trial and The Metamorphosis

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    are also seen throughout The Trial. In The Metamorphosis, the anonymous force is whatever, or whoever, changed Gregor Samsa into an insect. In The Trial, the struggle is more complex. Joseph K struggles to find the true meaning behind his arrest. He searches for answers related to his case, but no one can give him a clear answer as to why he was arrested. Not even the inspector that arrested him, "These gentlemen here and myself have no standing whatever in this affair of

  • Internal Conflict In The Film 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

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    In the film, Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese, the root conflict that moves the action is a person vs. self conflict. The main character, Jordan Belfort, has only one goal, not to make the investors money, but to make himself money, and he will do anything to achieve that. He even goes as far as to sell investors stocks that he knows for sure that are garbage. While him doing this is completely legal, it is very unethical and causes Jordan to battle heavily with drugs and alcohol,

  • Police Discretion

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    and even gender ... ... middle of paper ... ... referrals. Hirschel et al. (1992) found four (4) reasons for police inaction with this crime: (1) Domestic violence was seen as a private matter; (2) Female victims were often uncooperative; (3) Arrest of the breadwinner would hurt the family; (4) Male officers would side with the male assailant” ( htm). Police discretion is an issue that will be around as long as we have police officers protecting