Some Behavioral Interview Questions. Selection Criteria Sucks Essay

Some Behavioral Interview Questions. Selection Criteria Sucks Essay

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This is a questionnaire completed by Jody Doe (names have been changed to protect identity,). Jody wanted to apply for a Payroll/Account Officer position at a local school. She filled out this questionnaire, we wrote the criteria, she was one of the five candidates out of hundreds of applicants that got an interview. Her winning criteria is listed after this questionnaire..
Q. Describe a problem you recently solved at work. What was the problem? How did you solve it? What was the result?
I had a problem where the boys would forget to send their timesheets in in time for payday. I created a spreadsheet that allowed me to easily track who had sent theirs through and I would email this spreadsheet to the supervisors to follow up with the day before pay day. This meant all the pays got to go through on time.
I also had to follow up with non payments as part of this role for accounts.
Staff are on a number of different award rates as part of payroll position (70+ staff), which can be had to follow.
Dodgy internet access at my current job – makes things hard, have to prioritise workload
Q. Have you completed any training, tickets or licences not listed on your resume? What were they? How could you use them in this position?
I have a drivers licence so if they needed me to do the mail or banking, I could go and do this.
Q. Have you ever worked with cash? What amounts were you authorised for? What amounts did you handle? Did you have any added responsibility such as balancing the till, locking the money in the safe etc?
Yes, when I used to work at the bank, I handled large amounts of over $100,000 and was responsible for balancing this at the end of each day.
Q. Have you ever worked in customer service? What was your feedback ...

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...Q. Have you won any awards (Team Member of the Month etc)
Yes – Team Member of the Month for my ability to work well with others and provide good customer service
Q. What professional memberships and associations do you belong to?
Q. Have you completed any community service or volunteer work? Where? What did you do?
Treasurer – Ktown Primary School P&C Association
Host Family – Japanese Exchange Program
Religion Teacher – Ktown Primary School
Q. Have you ever been rapidly promoted? Where did you work? What was the position? What was the timeframe?

Q. What computer programs do you have experience with? What do you use them with?
Word – create letters and newsletters
MYOB – accounts receivable and payable
Excel – create spreadsheets, track results
Outlook – Send and receive emails
Other programs – Quickbooks an Ostendo

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