Behavioral Interviewing In Interview

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Behavioral interviewing is a common practice in interviews today. Employers want to know what potential employees have experienced or what their reaction to situations are. The questions I am looking at include: Tell me About how you worked effectively under pressure, what do you do if you disagree with someone at work, give an example of how you worked on a team, have you ever made a mistake if yes how did you handle it and have you handled a difficult situation, How? These are all potential questions that employers could ask in a behavioral interview. I have learned to work effectively under pressure in many of my jobs, but the one I learned the most from was Dairy Queen. Often on busy nights at a Dairy Queen the inside line is out the door…show more content…
I realized that we happen to have blank cakes in the back that were plain and needed to be decorated. I apologized to the customer asked if they could come back in an hour and it would be ready then. After the customer agreed to come back in an hour, I decorated one of the cakes from the back the way the customer wanted. When the customer came back to pick up the cake I gave it to her at a discounted price and apologized for the mistake. The customer was appreciative of my efforts to correct the problem and thanked me. When I refereed soccer in high school, I made a call that a coach didn’t like. This was a PreK soccer game and I was surprised by the reaction of the coach. The coach yelled at me and used some profanity. I calmly told him that the call was in the rule book. When he continued, I went and got my supervisor and asked for help with the matter. My supervisor stepped in and the coach apologized. These questions are all examples of what employers could ask in a behavioral interview and how I would answer them. I think it is important to be prepared to answer questions like these in interviews so you are not stumbling trying to find the right answer. Employers are looking for honesty and to see how potential employees handle
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