Solutions to E- waste problem Essay

Solutions to E- waste problem Essay

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In the last decades, technology became more sophisticated in creating modern devices. Consequently, in our disposable age most apparatus turn into aged ones in a couple of years or even months. This is one of the reasons why electronic devices become waste. E-waste is discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electronic devices or apparatuses. Most environment protection organizations maintain that e-waste induces health and pollution problems. The primary reason for this view is that almost all of the electric devices contain hazardous substances which are toxic and are not biodegradable. There are mercury, lead, and chromium in parts like circuit boards, batteries, and color cathode tubes. These toxic components can easily enter the environment since they settle on the landfills. Hence, in order to protect our future life, we must determine the suitable solutions.

The first solution to E-waste problem is to reduce the environmental impact with the help of recycling companies. The primary goal of these companies is to recycle dead electronics. Nowadays, recycling is a widely used solution as it can stop the pollution of environment. As well as environment pollution, greenhouse gas emissions could decrease. Materials which existed after recycling process can be reused in industry. “A company sometimes produces a byproduct that is useful to another company, and sells or gives it away. Such byproducts are sometimes advertised in order to find buyers” (Hill 2004, 285). By recycling people can minimize the use of raw materials. For instance, plastic, glass, steel and some precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium can be recycled and reused in industry(Electronics: A new opportunity for waste prevention, reuse, and...

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... buy equipment that was made by using recycled materials. To solve the problem of e-waste pollution is not a simple one. It is also necessary, that is why resolution takes a big amount of time for thinking.

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