Solar And Wind Energy : Solar Energy Essay

Solar And Wind Energy : Solar Energy Essay

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Solar and wind energies are under the category of renewable energy, in which energy comes from an inexhaustible source when used. Solar energy is produced using solar panels that capture the rays of the sun and convert them, through photovoltaic generation, into electrical energy (Hinrichs, 377-378). To make things short, the photovoltaic generations happens with the help the photoelectric effect, in which electrons and holes are produced when light shines on the negative plate of a solar panel (Hinrichs, 378). The solar panel has two silicon layers, the first having an excess of electrons which produces a negative current, while the second layer has less electrons leaving holes empty which produces a positive current; when connected to each other, the layers can produce a direct current that can be transformed into an alternating current using an inverter (Hinrichs, 378). Wind energy, on the other hand, is produced using a wind turbine, in which wind turns a rotor that is connected to an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (Hinrichs, 392). This generator produces a direct current that can be transformed into an alternating current using an inverter, or stored in a battery bank (Hinrichs, 392-393). In this assignment, we want to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of using solar and wind energy with or without connecting to the electrical grid in the perspective of: the owners and occupants of the household, the electrical power company, the economy as a whole, and the environment. This can be done by figuring out the production of each solar, wind, and the electrical grid with their respective costs, benefits, and disadvantages, then we decide which option (using solar and wind ene...

... middle of paper ... can use on demand, and disconnecting from the grid.
After processing all of the facts and perspectives, I came to agreement with the option of using wind and solar power while remaining connected to the electrical grid. While using battery storages might seem beneficial to some owners, hoarding additional electricity instead of selling it to the electrical company is not beneficial all of the four perspectives; net metering, on the other hand, benefits all four perspectives by creating jobs in the economy, reducing CO2 emissions in the environment, gaining money for owners who choose to produce electricity using solar and wind energy, and making the electrical power company to use less fossil fuels for generating electricity. My hope is that we pursue towards this course in the future for it takes into account and satisfies all of the four different perspectives.

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