The Sociology Of Marginalized Populations Essay

The Sociology Of Marginalized Populations Essay

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Politics sometimes seem to be defined by either mass movements or by powerful individuals. I want to study the part of politics where neither is true. Ordinary individuals make the choices, often alone, but the choices only have an effect en masse. This is the area where race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality have the opportunity to define politics; these facets of personalities define personal choices that can press the political world one way or another. With that in mind, this major combines sociology and political science to create a focus on politics as defined by marginalized groups. I want to use classes from across disciplines to create what I believe is a fuller view of political society than is usually studied in political science. I am looking for two main components in classes for this major: treatment of modern trends and inclusion of diverse views. I have called this amalgamation the Politics of Diversity to highlight its focus on the political decisions of various groups. This is a brief overview of my plans to delve deeper into the sociology of marginalized populations as a driving force in modern politics.
In the modern world diverse voices and demands seem to be increasingly loud. Recent changes in politics have made it so that the voices of many different subsets of society can be heard; as little as 50 years ago many of these voices were silenced and even to this day the study of politics is often narrowly focussed on elites. This major looks away from the leaders of society and towards the people that let them lead. It looks at the diverse groups that vote, protest, rebel, and in any other way makes themselves heard. This look is made possible because of the modern trend to let people who are not white, wealt...

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...cs. I understand that, and I do regret not having the time to look at everything. But I believe that the usual path cuts out a lot of the side of politics that is more subjective, and that is what I aim to study in the time that I have.
The goal of this degree is to create a focus on the effect of marginalized peoples’ voices on politics. It draws from across disciplines, but I have tried to make it as cohesive as I can. Because it studies a variety of views there must be a variety of courses and every course was chosen carefully to further the main project. They were chosen to study an area often overlooked by the current degree offerings, because, while many degrees allow me to choose some of these courses none but my own allow me to study them all. So only this degree creates the strong focus on the politics of diversity that I think deserves my full attention.

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