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Sociologist argue that “the sociological perspective is a way of thinking; a form of consciousness that challenges familiar understandings of ourselves and of others, so we can critically asses the truth commonly held assumptions” (Micionis and Plummer 2008:10). This essay supports this statement by analysing and discussing the significance of sociological perspective in our everyday lives. According to Peter L. Berger sociological perspective is described as the link between societal events and an individual’s life. Sociological perspective relates to sociological imagination, which was coined by C Wright Mills to illustrate the type of insight brought by the field of sociology (Isaksen undated). These concepts enlighten people’s understanding on the interactions between history and biography.
Sociological imagination is based on the individual’s capability to be objective and understand the link between social structures, forces and agents. It enables people to understand that all social structures influence each other; therefore no social structure is independent and remains uninfluenced by the condition of other social institutes. For example the economic state of South Africa is affected by political decisions made by the government and members of the parliament. These decisions involve strategies enforced on decreasing the levels of poverty through the use of social grants and decreasing the unemployment rate through creating more job opportunities. (use of articles)
There are several social structures in society that impact the behaviour of individuals, such as family, religion, science, politics, economy, law and education. These contribute in shaping one’s norms and values. Family is the most basic social structure that ...

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...s most electricity production is from coal that produces high levels of harmful gases which lead to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. The development of machinery has had a positive impact on the economic development but it has led to an increased unemployment rate due to the decline the demand of human labour.
Social structures and social forces influence people’s individual lives therefore it is significant for people to have a sociological perspective so that they critically analyse social issues that personal impacts on their lifestyle.

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